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Dec. 2015  Undergraduate researcher Sierra Foshe has been awarded a Undergraduate Research Fellowship -- congratulations Sierra!

Nov. 2015  Graduate student Teng Wang has successfully defended his thesis -- congratulations Dr. Wang!

May 2015  Graduate student Kaitlyn Hood has been awarded a Dissertation Year Fellowship -- congratulations Kaitlyn!

March 2015  Graduate student Shyr-Shea Chang has been awarded a Systems and Integrative Biology Fellowship -- congratulations Shea!

Dec. 2014   Our work on adaptive fungal networks has been featured by Science Friday

June 2014   Graduate student Kaitlyn Hood has been awarded the Charles and Sue K. Young Fellowship -- congratulations Kaitlyn!

Dec. 2013   Our work on fungal chimerism has been featured in the New York Times

Dec. 2013  Undergraduate researcher Linda Ma has been awarded a Undergraduate Research Fellowship -- congratulations Linda!

Nov. 2013 Our presentation at the Division of Fluid Dynamics Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh has received some notice!

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Oct. 2013 Our Biophysical Journal paper on Vorticella feeding is featured in Biophysical Journal’s story round up.

Aug. 2013 Our PNAS paper on nuclear mixing in filamentous fungi has received some notice!

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Aug. 2013 We are now on YouTube

Mar. 2013    Visiting Undergraduate Researcher Lisa Yamada has been awarded a Goldwater Scholarship -- congratulations Lisa!

Oct. 2010 Our PNAS paper on collective spore ejection has received some notice!

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