The Myco-Fluidics Laboratory is a laboratory for cell biology and biomechanics in the Math Sciences Building. We are interested in a broad range of problems at the intersection of math, fluid dynamics and fungal biology:

How do fungi disperse between ephemeral habitats?

How do chimeric fungi -- fungi with diverse nucleotypes -- manage their internal genetic diversity?

How are fungal networks organized to move fluid and organelles around?

You can view videos from the lab on our YouTube channel, we were also recently featured in the New York Times, and on Science Friday.


Current facilities:

Our lab-space (in Math Sci. 3970) is equipped with culturing and micro-biological facilities, including an incubator, sterilizer and biosafety cabinet. The center-piece of our lab is a fully motorized Zeiss AxioZoom Microscope. We can use this microscope to film events on scales ranging from mm, such as the ejection of fungal spores, to microns, such as the positions of nuclei and other organelles within living fungal cells.